Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snow and Snowmachines on the Slough

Friday morning a freezing rain coated our boardwalks.

After the rain, and many people's falls later, the snow came.

We got about a half-inch of snow--enough to cover the dust.

The trees caught some of the flakes.

Our neighbor's dogs, while I headed on my little walk to the slough.

I've been hearing a few more snowmachines in the past couple days.

Some people who live on the other side of the river have to cross some water still.

The laundromat is on this side. I don't believe any of the
houses on that side have water or sewer.

I'm guessing she was getting caught up on laundry
because she made lots of trips back and forth.

The slough was busy. Many planes were also flying overhead
(they haven't flown due to weather for a couple days). That means
we also haven't gotten mail since the middle of last week.

He was trying to find a way to the dump to get rid of some trash.

Chunks of ice and water near the shore.

I watched them work on setting up their net for a little while.

They use ice picks to make holes and feed the net into.

Sometimes you have to make work fun, right?

Lots of birds were also out enjoying the "warm" weather.
     After the open gym at our school, it was nice to go for an impromptu walk and see all this activity with my camera handy. After a while though, I needed to go inside because I started getting chilly. My camera lens fogged up instantly and I noticed my fingers were bright red after I stepped inside my warm house. We have Christmas lights on, candles burning, and Christmas music playing today so it's nice and cozy. I'm hoping for more snow soon since I've got nowhere to go and I'm hoping to buy a snowmachine. Let it snow!


  1. I enjoyed your blog posts Jana! This is a great way to keep a journal of your adventures in Alaska!

  2. I really enjoyed chatting with you in San Diego airport. Best wishes on your teaching and adventures. Merry Christmas! :)