Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Yup'ik Namesake

I was named by Clem Joseph after his mother Itegmikalria. I was given her name in August of 2010 when I first moved to the village. In the Yupik way, he is now my son and I am an "elder's elder" so some people in the village call me Auntie or Grandma. Clem told me it means a precious gift from God. I'm pretty sure Jana also means that same thing. He has also told the students that I was called to the village for a reason to teach and also learn from others. I believe that, too. I'm proud to carry her name.


  1. That's awesome! What a neat "heritage".

  2. Totally awesome! What a small world, I lived in Alakanuk back in the late 80's when I was just a boy. I still have two brothers that I believe still live there, Allen and Ernie Hanson. If you know them, or know someone that does, tell them their little brother Josh says hi. Too cool!

  3. This was such a special honor from an elder. How old is Clem? I admit I was startled when we were up there, and women older than me called you "Auntie."